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List of Prisoner characters — inmates From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Lizzie stows Linda away from the scene and insist that she herself must take the blame for more on this, see Linda Jones's profile, below.

Edith "Edie" Wharton Colleen Clifford — episodes 44—49an elderly, kindly woman who is made homeless with her partner Horrie. When Joan admits to Chrissie she will stand up in court and give bad character references at a custody hearing, Chrissie lashes out. Weekly Nabs Several Nominations in Southern California Journalism Awards Catwalking on the balls of her feet as another inmate improvises syncopated beats by banging on a metal bed frame using a plastic spoon and a plastic 7-Up bottle, Yah Yah is in her element.

Although the first to initially leave the series of the main three, she was also the last to be seen — when inshe got herself put back in prison to try to avoid a marriage she had somehow agreed too, her return was more as comic relief and to bring back an old favourite following the departures of Lizzie and Bea.

There, she tries to use her gambling addiction as a claim that she needs psychiatric help in order to escape charge, but having got on the wrong side of the women over the cancellation of the work programme, and her generally manipulative attitude, Bea orchestrates a scheme to expose that Kay is still willingly gambling; the plot is successful, and Kay does not escape charge, returning to Wentworth as an inmate with a five-year sentence.

At the same time, Erica is thinking of having some home decorating done, and Meg mentions that she has heard Jim has an interior design friend. Matters are complicated further by the fact that Irene does not speak English, leaving Karen, with only a smattering of basic Greek, trying to translate for her.

She plans to flee the area; Helen Smart see separate entry 's pimp sells her some drugs to calm her down, but she takes them with alcohol, nearly killing her. Some of the women are sceptical of the special treatment that Kerry is given, such as being given a double cell to herself to give her room to do her paintings.

During this time, Georgie's mother Jeannie see separate profile also arrives at the prison for running a brothel, but Georgie wants nothing to do with her; while in David's classes, he begins teaching the illiterate Georgie how to read.

Sandy Edwards Louise Le Nay — episodes —a cocky gangster's moll inside for murder. However, the break-out does not go according to plan, and Dominguez is shot and wounded trying to escape.

Andrea Hennessy Bethany Lee — episodes —a student and political activist who is admitted to Wentworth after assaulting officer Colleen Powell during a demonstration outside the prison. Unable to cope in prison, David kills himself soon after.

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Once inside, Officer Jim Fletcher shows an interest in Caroline, subtlety at first, but it is soon noticed by the other women reinforcing his nickname "Fletch the Letch"although Caroline does not return his advances.

Kay later dies, but Lizzie convinces the V.

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Beatrice Alice "Bea" Smith Val Lehman — episodes 1—[1] the first ever top dog — the name given to the uncaring and sadistic leader of the prisoner population — who rules Wentworth's H Block with an iron fist. In episodeHarrison confronts Walford after looking for her on the street who denies knowing anything about the attack.

Bea plans to kill Anne for what she did, but Dr. A generally decent sort, later episodes show Hazel gay prisoner dating being a depressed, drunken loser, turning to the bottle after her partner leaves her for another woman, taking their children with him.Pages in category "Abuse" The following pages are in this category, out of total.

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Nasty dreams is real! This is a list of all inmates of the fictitious Wentworth Detention Centre in the television series Prisoner, known as Prisoner: Cell Block H in The United States and Britain and Caged Women in Canada.

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